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One to One Walks

If your dog is nervous, not keen on other dogs or you'd simply prefer him to go on one to one walks then please get in touch to find out how we can help.

We are happy to walk dogs who have aggression, towards other dogs only, but this would be only on a one to one basis and the dog must be muzzled and on lead on the walk at all times.

Dog Walking

Our aim is to fill your dog(s) time with plenty of fun and stimulation to keep their minds busy and legs active before their return home. Dogs are walked in groups to develop social skills, enjoy pack culture and even gain a playmate. Dog walks last a minimum of one hour, and don’t include transport times.

All walks are planned for safety and routes are varied to keep your dog(s) interest. We walk whatever the weather, ensuring your dog(s) are cleaned up and towel dried if the weather is bad, as well as ensuring your dog(s) are always hydrated. In the case of extreme weather conditions where there is danger to either the walker or the dog(s), we will still ensure the dog(s) are given a bathroom break & indoor play session, with client approved activities within the clients home.

Introducing a puppy to the family is an exciting time, however we appreciate that sometimes the time is not always available to spend with your new puppy. This is where we can help. If you have bought a new cuddly addition to the family but are out of the house most of the day, we can assist by popping by your house to let the little one out in the garden, have a play and a cuddle. We can also, under your instructions give the new addition his feed and clean up any accidents if needed.

Puppy Comfort Breaks

Home Visits - Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

If you would prefer for your pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their own home whilst you are away, we can pop round once or twice a day to feed, play, let out for bathroom breaks and clean up litter trays. Home visits are also available for small domestic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, and birds. This is a great alternative to asking a friend or neighbour each time and giving you the peace of mind that your pet(s) will be safe and happy in their own home.


Our van is equipped with four secure cages, with anti slip matting and padding to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your pet(s). If you’re off on holiday and need your four legged friend to be taken to the kennels/cattery we can help.

Equine Services

Horse Feeding & Stable Clean

With over 14 years experience with horses and the ability to confidently feed, muck out & turn out to a high standard, we can assist if your pushed for time, away at a show or just can’t quite make it to the stables.

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