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About Us

Hi my name is Jesse,  and these are my Jack Russells, Zorro & Xena.


From a very early age I knew I had a special passion for animals, from rescuing baby rabbits and squirrels to caring for stray cats. I was always bringing an animal home to look after, as well as having my own dogs, cats, birds, fish & reptiles.


I volunteered for many years in the USA in a horses for the handicapped centre, where I was able to help rehabilitate mistreated horses and disabled students through riding therapy. The years I spent with the programme were some of the best in my life.


Throughout the years I have ensured that I have animals in my life and have always helped look after, walk and care for friends, neighbours and relatives pets where I can.


I am canine and feline first aid certified and I always aim to put the wellbeing and saftey of any pets in my care first. I am criminal record checked and a non-smoker to give you peace of mind when I am in your home.


My aim is to ease the busy burden that everyday lifestyles bring.

I wouldn’t want to be without my beloved dogs, but know how circumstances mean we can’t always be with our furry friends all the time. I offer friendly, professional and personal services to suit you and your pets needs to ensure a happy outcome for all.


All pets in my care will be treated with the same love, affection and respect with which I treat my own.

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